Know about crypto deposit and withdrawal in Cryptogames

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What is crypto, and how to deposit it?

A cryptocurrency refers to a digital method of commerce. In 2009,  The initial cryptocurrency trading with bitcoins was started. Ever since other cryptocurrencies were established. Cryptocurrencies were standards for the use of money which attempt to employ concepts of cryptographic algorithms to construct a global, decentralized, and protected data system.

Can the user play as quickly after the payment? The money will be repaid after a networking verification. Deposits made via an intermediary are significantly slower than the value placed through a bitcoin account.

Which are the minimum investments?

All fully registered clients were able to make payments. The minimum payments of every transaction were precise as described in the following:

  • 0.0001 Bitcoin.
  • 0.001 Bitcoin Cash.
  • 0.01 Ether.
  • 20 Dogecoin.
  • 0.001 Solana.

Fewer funds won’t get deposited into the account. The lowest transaction was 0.0005 Bitcoin, as well as the altcoin equivalent. To deposit funds on CryptoGames, the browser should have cookies enabled and confirm that the payment button works.

How much time does it need to pay out?

The money would be repaid after a confirmation. For transfers, designers require two proofs.

  • Bitcoin Transfer – . 20 minutes (2 confirmations).
  • Ethereum Transfer – . 1 min with two confirmations.
  • Other currencies give a similar delivery time to Dogecoin

Transfers from a return often need more time than withdrawals via a wallet. Transaction speed also depends on currency network conditions, which might periodically increase verification time. Learn more about payments below and much more information about payouts at

Can the user spend with USD, EUR, or other fiat currencies?

It is feasible to deposit fiat cash using your credit card utilizing the Onramper integration. At present, that choice is available for both BTC & ETH deposits.

To make a deposit using Onramper, click “Your Accounts,” then “Deposit,” and browse to a “Credit Card” option in the popup window. On the widget, pick the crypto Player to wish to have credited to the CryptoGames profile, the amount the Player want to deposit, and the fiat currency your credit card must be charged in


Essential things to be mentioned

Please remember that the staff at CryptoGames do not process any credit card transactions directly. Instead, they are handled by the third-party supplier Onramper. As a consequence, it is likely Players could have to pass extra KYC verifications from the end. If a Player wish to learn more about Onramper, kindly verify their website.